Est. 2012 on the West Coast, Vancouver Island
Our bags are upcycled from decommissioned sails, locally designed and handcrafted here on the West Coast. We at AHOY BAGS believe in 'Form Follows Function'. The result are incredibly light, no fuzz bags that hold-up against almost any challenge. Each unique bag features a patina, gracefully inherited from the sail it has been crafted from, weathered trough countless adventures on the Pacific. During the design process we carefully consider every repair patch, re-seamed section, tear or stain, as these bags will proudly carry them to tell their story of past achievements out on the Ocean.
AHOY BAGS, that's us! Jens & Nelly Heyduck, two young professionals living and producing bags since 2013 in Tofino and Ucluelet. Nelly's background is the design world while Jens' is the art trade. This is why each of us seeks different qualities in a product: For Nelly it is innovation and design language, while Jens connects with heritage and craftsmanship, both of which we feel well represented in the bag you hold.

Enjoy our bags!